Amazon has introduced Low-Price FBA fees for products sold on the US marketplace priced below $10, and starting February 5, 2024, this Low-Price FBA fee structure will apply to products on Amazon Canada priced below CAD 11.
Aura will now accurately display FBA fees for products that fall into this new fee structure, and will use this data in three ways:
  • Profit-based automatic minimum and maximum prices will now take into account the reduced FBA fees, and in many cases, result in a lower min without sacrificing profit.
  • When repricing, Aura will avoid Reduced Profit Ranges introduced with this fee change, where in many situations it makes more sense to price lower in order to avoid missed profit above the new Low-Price FBA fee threshold ($10 in US, CAD 11 in CA).
  • Displayed on individual listing pages and in the listings table under
    where applicable.
Check out this help article to learn more, or view the new Low-Price FBA Fees in Seller Central.